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Clinica Reproferty

The Center for Assisted Reproduction, Clinica Reprofery, is situated in Sao Jose dos Campos, outskirts of Sao Paulo city, has been offering infertility treatment since 1996. Clinica Reproferty has been a pioneer of assisted reproductive technologies in Brazil with its modern and independent laboratory facilities, which include advanced methods of micromanipulation   of   human   gametes   and   embryos   for  assisted reproductive technology optimization. Egg retrievals are performed in the safety of our on-­‐ site surgical facility. Clinica Reproferty is accredited by the Red Latinoamericana de Reproducción Asistida (RED -­‐ Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction), a scientific and educational institution, which brings together more than 90% of the centers of assisted reproduction in Latin America.

Our team includes highly qualified and experienced anesthesiologists, biologists, biomedical scientists, nurses, psychologists and urologists. Among the diagnostic services offered by Clinica Reproferty, we have diagnostic hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, semen analysis, post coital testing, and ovulatory monitoring, hormonal analysis, ultrasound. Thoroughly infertility evaluation is performed to provide a unique and personalized treatment to improve the chances of the couple to achieve pregnancy.

Our staff has the experience and training to address issues related to infertility. With such well-­‐prepared team and independent facilities, couples seeking treatment to get pregnant do not need to move to big cities anymore. All assisted reproductive technology procedures can be performed at the Clinica Reproferty.

Mission and values

We are a team dedicated and experienced in assisted reproductive technology. Our main focus is on customer service excellence, operational efficiency and high resoluteness for those couples who need our services to increase their chances of pregnancy.

We envision becoming a national leader in reproductive medicine, a reference in knowledge management, recognized for its scientific publications, commitment and humanization of the healthcare treatment.

We are committed to working together and to make possible the dream of starting a family.

We work in an environment that reflects our fundamental beliefs including  integrity, confidentiality and responsibility towards each other and our clients.

We have an inter-­‐professional teamwork, always with which we disseminate and share our daily-­‐acquired knowledge. We engage everybody through positive attitudes.

As a team we are engaged and involved in the growth of our Center for Assisted Reproduction. Everything is done diligently and with persistence to positively impact the lives of our clients.

We constantly upgrade our scientific knowledge regarding assisted reproductive technology through research and active participation in professional conferences. By bringing top-­‐notch service and knowledge to the Clinic Reproferty we can connect research evidence with our medical practice.

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